2021 GO: A Fearful Hope

Global Outreach - Global Citizen

The UN has set goals for sustainable development, that address global challenges that our world faces today. Any change in climate change is likely to put additional stress on an already fragile equilibrium.

In this collaborative, multidisciplinary project, students from the University of Glasgow and JGU Mainz will be invited to explore what can be learned from the last major climate change, caused by the 1815 volcanic eruption of Mount Tambora in Indonesia.
Led by a group of experts from JGU Mainz, led by the commissioner for Scotland, Priv.-Doz. Dr habil. Sigrid Rieuwerts, participants will have the opportunity to investigate the worldwide impact this event has had, discuss what insights can be drawn to address existing issues and how we can best be prepared for future climatic challenges.


Students will be asked

  • to focus on the scientific and historical evidence of the Tamora volcanic eruption, explore the impact on nature and people to such an event and imagine our responses now.
  • to evaluate how societies, faith communities, governments and the scientific community responded to these incidents and what we can learn from them.
  • to explore the narratives used to explain/manage this incident and how it shaped the people and cultures that were impacted by it and identify similar patterns today.
  • to draw their own conclusions and imagine a blueprint for a sustainable future.