How to apply

What are the application requirements?

A condition of application is that you are studying English in order to pursue a career teaching in secondary schools.

Selection criteria

  • Mastery of the German language at native speaker level,
  • Present average mark,
  • Number of semesters,
  • Completion of at least 2 internships,
  • Relevant additional qualifications such as the study of German as a foreign language, and
  • Social commitment.


What is the application procedure?

Each applicant must submit

  • An English language CV (for an example see,
  • A letter of motivation in English,
  • An overview of grades from JOGU-StINe,
  • A profile page (for the councils),
  • An info line,
  • An application photo.

For more information on the application documents see the information platform on Moodle              


The application documents have to be uploaded on the Moodle website 2022 Scotland Calling ...                under the following titles

  • CV in English (MS Word file), named: A1_CV_Nachname_Vorname
  • Letter of Motivation in English (MS Word file), named: A2_Letter_of_Motivation_Nachname_Vorname
  • Leistungsübersicht JOGU-StINe (screenshot in PDF), named: A3_Leistungsübersicht_Nachname_Vorname
  • Profile in English (MS Word file), named: A4_Profile_Nachname_Vorname
  • Infozeile (MS Word file), named: A5_Infozeile_Nachname_Vorname
  • Foto (JPG), named: A6_Photo_Nachname_Vorname


The deadline for application is 16 December 2022, 12:00am!