What to bring along


What do I need to participate successfully in “GET across borders”?
  • Commitment and motivation to acquaint and inspire Scottish pupils with German language, culture and history;
  • The desire to expand your lingual, cultural and didactic skills;
  • A profound interest in developing relationships between Scotland and Germany, advancing the German language, and sharing an understanding of modern Germany;
  • Personal initiative both inside school (with regard to the development and realisation of tuition ideas, school projects etc.) and outside school (i.e. finding a lodging, arranging an international insurance, opening a bank account etc.).


Which advantages does “GET across borders” offer to future English teachers like me?
  • Valuable experience of teaching practices;
  • Acquisition of a professional, educational, English vocabulary;
  • Expansion of your lingual, intercultural and social skills;
  • Close acquaintance with the Scottish educational system as well as with other cultures of, and approaches to, learning;
  • An intensive encounter with the language and cultures of Scotland;
  • Personal development of what it means to be an enlightened and cosmopolitan "global citizen" with the necessary skills to compete successfully in the international job market, by living and working together with people in Scotland.